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The Gotta Dance Performance Team

Our Mission

The aim of the Gotta Dance Performance Team is to provide each student with a well-rounded dance experience. We carefully consider each event we choose to have your child participate in to ensure it is not only something they will enjoy but, most importantly, that it is something they will learn from. Competitions will teach a child a lot about hard work, sportsmanship, and striving for a goal, but performing at a nursing home, children's hospital, or fundraiser will teach a whole other set of valuable skills like compassion, community, and charity. Most importantly, we want each of our dancers to understand that our program is meant to not only develop their dance and performance skills, but to help them grow as strong, active members of the community.

For information on class, performance, and financial commitment for the Gotta Dance Performance Team, see our receptionist or email us.

Details & FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the team.

If you have any additional questions, please call or email the school.           201-794-0001


Are there any costumes I need to buy?

We want the goal of this team to focus on the performance aspect of dance.

Because we will be performing throughout the year, we will need costumes.

In order to try to keep the costs down for everyone, we will re-use costumes

whenever at all possible.

We will also be keeping the costs down through fundraisers or by only requiring

a plain leotard and shorts for some performances at smaller venues.



What types of events will the team be participating in?

Some examples of places we perform are:

  • amusement parks & carnivals

  • competitions

  • fundraisers

  • holiday events

  • nursing homes and hospitals

  • community events  & parades


How much traveling is involved?

Our aim is to keep our performances local. Most will be within 20 minutes of the dance studio although, one or two may be within an hour and a half drive. The few shows that are farther than that will still be in New Jersey...usually at shore points or amusement parks in the state.

What are the weekly class requirements?

Our Performance Team must be enrolled in ballet, tap, and jazz, in addition to a weekly Performance Team class (held on Thursdays).

While not a requirement, many of our Performance Team members also take theatre dance, acrobatics, lyrical/contemporary, pointe, and/or hip hop to help them to become a more well-rounded dancer and performer on stage.

Are there auditions?

No. The goal of this team is to encourage EVERY dancer to be the best he or she can be. Over Gotta Dance's 40+ year history, we have learned that each student, regardless of previous dance experience, has strengths that can contribute and help our Performance Team grow into a well-rounded group.

We do, however, require that to be on the team, he or she must have good attendance and be ready to work hard each week. That includes being able and willing to take correction from any teacher, choreographer, or judge he or she is working with. We want to encourage a good, positive attitude wherever we go.

When and how do I sign my child up?

The faculty needs time to plan a great year. Because of this, we have specific rules as to when the Performance Team enrollment period will be. Team enrollment for the 2018-2019 season has already passed. Enrollment for the 2019-2020 season will take place May-June 2019.  To be eligible to join Performance Team, you must study at Gotta Dance for at least one school year. When you receive your pre-registration sheet in May, you MUST check off on the form that you will be joining the Performance Team. Once we see that it is checked off, we will provide you with a Team contract that must be signed. Once that is submitted, you're officially a member of the Performance Team!

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