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The Gotta Dance Performance Team

If you are thinking of joining our Performance Team but want to know more information, this is the place to go. Gotta Dance has a wonderful history of performance and competition teams and our newest ensemble of dancers are ready to add to our growing story!

We realize joining a team of any kind (especially in the field of dance!) requires a significant commitment of time and money. The faculty of Gotta Dance have come up with a team curriculum that includes many enriching and varied performing opportunities while still leaving time in your child's schedule to enjoy other important and enriching aspects of childhood. It will NOT require rehearsals 5-7 days a week, multiple weekends in a row of performances, or out-of-state travel.


We aim to give your child the professional dance experience you expect from Gotta Dance without preventing them from having the childhood experiences they deserve to have (eg birthday parties, time with family and friends, vacations, etc).

Team Photos

See photos from all our exciting Team events taking place throughout the year.

Our Sponsors

A directory of all our wonderful Team sponsors - We thank each and every one of you for your support!

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