Updated 5/9

As you already know, there is more to dance than simply moving around. This section will contain dance-related activities & challenges that focus on other aspects of being a dancer.


Updated 5/7

It is important to set aside some time each day to move. When it's time for your at-home dance class, be sure to dress properly as you would for your regular class - it will keep your mind and your body focused and you will get more out of it.


Updated 9/26

Click below for your Showcase Choreography practice video(s). All passwords have been removed.

The activities on this page are specifically designed for the dancers enrolled in the classes listed below:

Monday 5:15 Tap

Monday 6:15 Jazz

Monday 7:15 Ballet

Tuesday 5:45 Jazz

Tuesday 6:45 Tap

Tuesday 7:45 Ballet

Wednesday 4:45 Lyrical

Wednesday 5:45 Theatre

Wednesday 6:45 Hip Hop

If you are not enrolled in one of the classes listed above, please go back and find your correct class on the list.